BookQueue Movable Type Plugin

BookQueue is a Movable Type plugin which manages a queue or collection of books. It allows you to store the queue in a database and later retrieve the items for display in your Movable Type weblog.

It uses MTAmazon to retrieve product information for each book from Amazon.

BookQueue decodes barcode scan output from the CueCat, making it easy to quickly add many books to your queue. (If you weren't fortunate enough to have received a free CueCat from Radio Shack, you can probably find one for a reasonable price on ebay.)

Download BookQueue: BookQueue-1.01.zip.

Older versions available here.

For more information on BookQueue, see the README file and the Template Tag Reference. Also check out BookQueue's entry in the Movable Type Plugin Directory.

Posted by jlh at 11:42 PM