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One of the first things I did after taking the tibook out of the box (after installing Mozilla of course) was figure out how to set up some keyboard shortcuts. In general I loath having to use the mouse; I would much prefer to train my fingers to quickly type arcane key combinations to do things like switch applications or hide a window than waste time fumbling with the mouse/trackpad. :-) What I found:

Youpi key is a flexible automation utility which can run an action based on an event such as a key sequence being pressed. I use it to launch applications from the keyboard and to provide consistent behavior accross all apps for menu items--such as Hide Others, which some applications bind to the Command-h keyboard shortcut, but not all applications bind the shortcut. With Youpi key, it works everywhere.

This page provides useful information, examples and links about customizing key bindings in OS X. As an emacs user, I was delighted to discover that emacs-style bindings can be set Cocoa-wide. This allows me, for example, to use M-c (Option-c) to capitalize a word in any Cocoa application, such as TextEdit and Word. The sample DefaultKeyBinding.dict file is based on the one that comes with Mike Ferris' TextExtras, a great package that "adds cool features to the text handling of all Cocoa applications." This is another must-have if you do any text editing or programming.

Posted by jlh at 02.October.2002 05:21 PM
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